Water treatment

Water Disinfection

Electrolysis systems use salt, water and electricity for an on-site production of fresh, highly active chlorine for an effective disinfection of water.


– Low storage and transport costs

– Easy handling

– Low storage area requirements

– Reduced handling and logistics costs

– No hazardous materials

– Low acquisition price


Our company is specialized on construction of water purification plants, water treatment, desalination, appropriate equipment supplies, construction of water sports and leisure centers.


Water treatment project can be used anywhere and at any level – from small villages to big cities as well as in agriculture, animal husbandry, industry, etc.


Electrolysis hypochlorite has the ability to dissolve polysaccharides that make up the protective shell of colonies of bacteria and algae. Therefore, it completely removes the biofilm and prevents biofouling of filters, piping, tanks, etc.